Our annual death penalty report is now out.

Our research into the state of the death penalty worldwide uncovered some disturbing trends. Can you guess which one of these could land you a death sentence in some countries?

Take a guess and then find the answer here.

Chicago, do you feel the winds of change? This week, Amnesty International teams are blitzing the Windy City — starting Amnesty groups, talking to folks about activism, organizing and human rights leadership, and spreading the word about our big Human Rights Conference in Chicago, April 4-6.

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From The Atlantic's Andrew Cohen:

Glenn Ford, a black man wrongfully convicted of murder by an all-white jury in Louisiana in 1984, a man who has spent the last 30 years on death row for a crime he did not commit following a trial filled with constitutional violations, is on the verge of being set free. Once that happens (and it could happen as soon as tomorrow after a hearing in the case) he will become one of the longest-serving death row inmates in modern American history to be exonerated and released.

Ford’s dogged lawyers and enlightened parish prosecutors in Shreveport both filed motions late last week informing a state trial judge that the time has come now to vacate Ford’s murder conviction and death sentence. Why? Because prosecutors now say that they learned, late last year, of “credible evidence” that Ford “was neither present at, nor a participant in, the robbery and murder” of the victim in his case, a man named Isadore Rozeman.

UPDATE-1: Amnesty International USA Senior Campaigner Thenjiwe Tameika McHarris made the following statement in response to the reports about Glenn Ford’s imminent release:

"After 30 years, Louisiana’s longest-serving death row prisoner will get his freedom soon. Glenn Ford is living proof of just how flawed our justice system truly is. We are moved that Mr. Ford, an African American man convicted by an all-white jury, will be able to leave death row a survivor. We are more determined than ever to put an end to the death penalty, once and for all."

Learn more about Amnesty International’s work on the death penalty, including what you can do to help end this inhumane practice.

UPDATE-2: After nearly 30 years behind bars, Glenn Ford walked free on Tuesday:

Banksy has created this to stand #WithSyria ahead of the 3rd anniversary of the Syria crisis.

Today, our new report highlights the horrific tactics of deliberate starvation of civilians in Yarmouk and elsewhere. Read it, share it, and take action!

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Governor Brewer did the right thing and vetoed the discriminatory anti-LGBT bill in Arizona tonight!

But the fight for LGBT rights is far from over — in the US to Uganda and beyond. Share this graphic if you believe in human rights for ALL!

The dramatic escalation in violence in the last 24 hours is deeply alarming. This is a time for clear-headed thinking where all sides should be striving to calm tensions and curb violence. Worryingly confrontation appears to be prevailing.

The abusive use of force by police in recent months has fanned the flames of protest currently burning in Independence Square – the Ukrainian authorities must be careful not to fuel them further. The police response to protester violence must be targeted and proportionate and the right to peaceful assembly respected.

John Dalhuisen, Amnesty International Europe and Central Asia Program Director, 19 February 2014


Ukraine’s Revolution Is Being Broadcast Live

Three months after the first anti-government protests in Ukraine, the country has experienced its deadliest day of political violence, with nine people dying in clashes between demonstrators and police. The beating heart of the pro-Europe, anti-Russia ‘Euromaidan’ movement is in Kiev’s Independence Square (in Ukrainian, Maidan Nezalezhnosti), and the square is currently in flames after a day of police firing rubber bullets at protesters wielding molotov cocktails and fireworks. Earlier on Tuesday, opposition activists marched on parliament, while setting fire to government buildings and security vehicles. All this comes a day after Russia, which has urged Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to crush the protests, announced that it would be sending Ukraine $2 billion in aid as a lifeline for its tanking economy.

Now, as night falls in the capital, the independent Ukrainian station Espreso TV is broadcasting a live feed of the surreal scene in Independence Square—a feed punctuated by intermittent explosions and impassioned speeches.

The whole thing is bracing to behold.

Read more. [Image: Reuters/Maks Levin]

Watch live here

Not sure about you, but what we’d really like on Valentine’s Day is a better world.

Today let’s make sure people can be the person they love and love who they want without fear of discrimination or even imprisonment! Take action »

Eighteen US states have abolished the death penalty. Today, the state of Washington took a step closer to joining the abolition community.

The Associated Press reports:  ”[Governor] Inslee’s moratorium means that if a death penalty case comes to his desk, he will issue a reprieve, which isn’t a pardon and doesn’t commute the sentences of those condemned to death.”

The death penalty is the ultimate, irreversible denial of human rights. It is the premeditated and cold-blooded killing of a human being by the state.

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT: Stand with Amnesty International USA and thank Governor Inslee for taking this important step toward ending capital punishment in Washington.

Next stop: abolition - to permanently end the death penalty in Washington and around the country!